Air heaters  
Fast warmth for driver and cargo
The air heater works independently of the heating system present in the vehicle. Cold air is aspired from the interior or the exterior of the vehicle, heated and expelled in the room to heat. Air heaters are very flexible concerning the installation, installation is possible either inside or outside the cabin . The fast heat up time and easy installation makes the air heater applicable in many circumstances: truck cabins, excavators, small coaches, ambulances and cargo bays. But also mobile workshops are often equipped with an Eberspächer autonomous heating system.
Eberspächer air heaters and their advantages:
Air heaters are installed independently of the vehicles existing heating system.
  • Easy installation
  • Short heat up time
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Temperature selection switch allows automatic continuous temperature control
  • Suitable for cabin and cargo space
  • Continuous control allows very low noise levels
Various control systems available
Depending on the vehicle and application different control systems can be used, for instance an on/off switch (excavators), a general-purpose temperature switch or a digital programmable clock where the heating starting time can be set exactly. And with the remote control it is possible to start the heater from a 1000 meters.
With Eberspächer you are in control of your working climate.
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