Air conditioning

Air conditioning for home/office  
High ambient temperatures do not only occur outdoors. On warm soggy summer days the ambient temperature of your home and office can reach high values. This influences your zest of work because there is a connection between productivity and ambient temperature. When it gets to warm, to cold or to humid on your place to work, then your work performance will be, negatively, influenced.
The ideal temperature is +/- 20 °C or max. 6 to 7 °C lower than the outside temperature.
At higher ambient temperatures :
  • accidents occur more often, the pace of work and productivity decreases
  • one makes more mistakes
  • sleep less good --> not fit and wide awake in the morning
  • you get moody
    The solution? Install an air conditioner!.
    The air conditioning system will cool or heat the work or living space until a comfortable climate is reached. The ideal temperature is +/- 20 °C. Furthermore, the air conditioner dehumidifies and cleans the air. Moisture is removed from the air and the filters in the air conditioner will clean the air. This is good news for people with allergies and amongst others lengthens the life span of most electronic apparatus.
    To put it briefly, air conditioning:
  • is advantageous for the working performance : one feels fitter and more productive, you make less mistakes
  • improves the atmosphere at work : everybody is more cheerful
  • improve the health and well being of you and your family members or co-workers
    Air conditioners are a source of comfort, they clean the air, are intelligent and economical. In the product lines Hitachi and Samsung there is an air conditioning that fits any interior style. There is choice between air conditioners that cool and heat, or cool only. An economical heating source in winter and cooling for the summer!

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