Pressurized Filter system

Air filters  
The most commonly used filters are particle filters and activated carbon filters, each of them with their own filtering range and specific applications.
  • Particle filters works somewhat like a sieve, the dust particles are trapped in the filter material and stay there unchanged. The use of a finer or coarser filter will be dictated by the particle size you expect to filter. Particle filters will deteriorate over time, causes are continuous vibrations and aging of the filtering material. Replacing these filter cartridges regularly is mandatory.

  • Activated carbon filters works magnet like, chemical compounds are adsorbed on a molecular level by the activated carbon. Type-A activated carbon is mainly used for organic vapours, hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's). For other substances like mercuric or acidic vapours, filters can be manufactured according to the ABEK substances list. Activated carbon filters will saturate over time, the odours again enter the cabin, nothing more can be adsorbed by the filter.
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